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26th December 2017: 70% Tax for the low earners?

We are aware of the out-cry that there was recently when the Government tried to increase the NIC rate for the self-employed, and they had to reverse (in fact delay) their plans.


Click on the below document to view our thoughts on what the Government may need to do.

23rd November 2017: Hinton Abbott release overview of the Autumn Budget 2017 that was announced yesterday

Yesterday the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced the Autumn Budget 2017.


Hinton Abbott Accountants have released an overview of the statement made to the House of Commons yesterday by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the nation’s finances and the Government’s proposals for changes to taxation. The Budget also includes forecasts for the economy by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR).


Click on the below document to view:

12th July 2017: Board meeting held at Bombay Sapphire Distillery

This month some of our team represented one of our clients at a board meeting at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery! We've attended many meetings of similar nature in the past, however, this is probably one of the most unique venues we've been to! The meeting was held in what is known there as The Vault. It is a perfect private space for corporate meetings and gatherings. Adjacent to the Mill Bar, the Vault was previously the ‘Strong Room’ where bank note paper was stored before being transported to London. They have restored the original vaulted ceilings and door, which gives this unique space real character.


Investing in meetings outside the usual office environment certainly makes a difference and can provide the tonic we need!

1st December 2016: Hinton Abbott acquires A Gillingham & Co

Chris Pittock Senior Partner at Hinton Abbott has announced that the company has acquired another well known accountancy practice in Wiltshire. This acquisition is a result of many years working together with A Gillingham & Co and both companies can now see they will make a strong team working together to serve their clients. Bringing the two companies together will mean a whole new range of experience and skills among the new Hinton Abbott team, and more resources available to all clients. Hinton Abbott have a clear path ahead of them expanding their services and can see that A Gillingham & Co will be a great addition to have with them on their journey.



26th September 2016: Colleagues Support The Prospect Hospice


This month colleagues at Hinton Abbott joined with volunteers from The Rapid Relief Team to support the Prospect Garden Fete in Swindon. The Prospect Hospice is a charity that provides care and support to those suffering from serious illnesses and gives them comfort and confidence through lifes most difficult times. It was great to see Hinton Abbott support a very worthy cause.













11th August 2016: Launch of New Website


We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! Our marketing team assure us it is only the start of their project and there is plenty more content and resources to come! Please keep visiting our site to keep up to date with our journey.














28th July 2016: Launch of Hinton Abbott Rebrand


We are excited to announce that Chris Pittock the Senior Partner signed off final copy of the Hinton Abbott rebrand project! There was no delay in rolling out the new brand across the company and everyone is pleased with the refreshed image and new look for the company.













1st May 2016: The Kings Banquet Hamper


To celebrate every new client coming on board this month, Hinton Abbott will be offering a complimentory Kings Banquet Hamper to every new client that signs up! Sign up this month to receive your own.














1st February 2016: Coffee Morning Consultancy


This month we are rolling out free consultancy sessions every Monday morning for our clients. These sessions are based around personal finance management for employees, and coffee and doughnuts are supplied with compliments from Hinton Abbott! We are certainly looking forward to meeting everyone.











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